Procedures To Follow When Registering A New Club

Affiliation Procedure

Affiliation to AGN is subject to Rules, Regulations and By-laws of the constitution of AGN.

An application for affiliation must be submitted in writing to the General Manager of AGN and include the following documentation:

  • A true copy of the Constitution (copy attached).
  • A complete list of office bearers with addresses, contact details and email addresses.
  • A motivation stating the reason for application.
  • A proper description of the Club’s attire, whether by means of a photograph or drawings.
  • An address that will be regarded as the Club’s postal address.

The application will be submitted at a Board meeting where it will be considered on merit; however, the Board is under no obligation to accept any application.

  • Once the club is approved, the club must pay an affiliation fee of R 1,100.00 and purchase at least 15 license numbers per year. License/running numbers per year are R90.00 for juniors (13 yrs to 19 yrs) and R 180.00 for seniors (20 yrs and older) for 2019. The club will be subject to a twelve (12) month probation period before it will be considered for permanent affiliation.
  • Club must submit a bank statement within 2 weeks after approval as proof of bank account in the name of the club.
  • A probationary club has:
    • Only observer status at meetings and does not have the same rights or privileges as affiliated clubs.
    • To provide assistance during at least one event on the fixture list.
    • To be present at any Combined Management Meeting, Annual General Meeting, Special General Meeting and Council Meeting of AGN.

No apologies will be accepted for any of the meetings. If the Chairperson can’t attend, any member of the club must attend.

After the period has elapsed, the Board may recommend to the Annual General Meeting or Special General
Meeting that:

  • Permanent affiliation is granted to the club.
  • The probationary period is extended on certain conditions.
  • The provisional affiliation is terminated.

The board shall refer to an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting any proposal for:

  • Permanent cancellation of a club’s affiliation
  • Converting a club/s affiliation to provisional affiliation for a trial period in which case the club becomes a probationary club with all the provisions applicable to such binding on the club;

Any decision by the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting in connection with affiliation can only be effective if carried by a 75% majority of the accredited delegates present at such a meeting.

Registration Process

Download Constitution
Download Procedures

Please DO NOT retype the constitution.  Complete only the following information on the Constitution:

  • Name of the club (must end with Athletics Club)
  • Address of club
  • Complete date of AGM held and sign
  • Complete information on office bearers
  • Attach photos or drawings of club attire
  • Initial each page